Core API Documentation

com.arsdigita.auditing The Auditing Service provides a standard API and common mechanism for providing a Domain Object with auditing information.
com.arsdigita.bebop A set of server-side user interface components for web applications.
com.arsdigita.bebop.demo Example A set of examples that demonstrate how Bebop is used.
com.arsdigita.bebop.demo.workflow Example A set of classes to demonstrate how to use Bebop components in a control flow i.e., how Bebop components hand off control to one another.
com.arsdigita.bebop.event Listeners that allow a programmer to execute custom code at various points in the request.
com.arsdigita.bebop.form Provides a set of server-side user interface components for obtaining user input.
com.arsdigita.bebop.jsp Support for displaying Bebop components inside a JSP page.
com.arsdigita.bebop.list Bebop classes for dynamically displaying and manipulating lists of items.  
com.arsdigita.bebop.parameters These classes represent all the ParameterModels and ValidationListeners i.e., all classes that handle obtaining and validating the state from the HTTP request and transforming them into Java objects.
com.arsdigita.bebop.portal User interface classes for displaying portals.
com.arsdigita.bebop.table Contains the supporting classes for the Table component.
com.arsdigita.bebop.tree A tree widget that is a Bebop component.
com.arsdigita.bebop.util Utility classes that are used throughout Bebop.
com.arsdigita.caching Basic support for coherent caching across mulitple web servers.
com.arsdigita.categorization The Categorization service provides an infrastructure for developers to categorize arbitrary content within the system.
com.arsdigita.categorization.util Utility classes specifically for categorization.
com.arsdigita.db Provides a database API that wraps JDBC. This package provides an implementation of the database API; it is not a public API and should only be accessed through the classes in com.arsdigita.db.
com.arsdigita.db.postgres This package provides an implementation of the database API for PostgreSQL; it is not a public API and should only be accessed through the classes in com.arsdigita.db.
com.arsdigita.developersupport Provides a set of classes to support application development and debugging.
com.arsdigita.dispatcher System for dynamically handling the control of HTTP requests.
com.arsdigita.dmi Automatically manage data model upgrade process.
com.arsdigita.domain Domain Objects provide an application logic tier between the persistent storage and presentation tiers.
com.arsdigita.domain.installer Installer for domain system.
com.arsdigita.formbuilder The Form Builder service provides the ability to build simple forms with a web user interface.
com.arsdigita.formbuilder.actions Specific form actions that can be used by the form designer.
com.arsdigita.formbuilder.installer Installer for formbuilder service.
com.arsdigita.formbuilder.parameters Validation listeners for formbuilder.
com.arsdigita.formbuilder.ui The Form Builder UI provides a number of embeddable bebop components to facilitate integration of the form builder service with applications.
com.arsdigita.formbuilder.ui.editors Embeddable formbuilder editor widgets.
com.arsdigita.globalization Provides a set of classes to support globalization of web applications.
com.arsdigita.initializer Provides a simple framework for initializing components at system startup time.
com.arsdigita.installer Automatic SQL loading and unloading.
com.arsdigita.kernel Provides the classes that are essential for building a CCM web application, including ACSObject, packages, parties, and permissions.
com.arsdigita.kernel.permissions The permissioning (authorization) system. Provides user authentication, session tracking, and cryptography services.
com.arsdigita.kernel.ui Bebop widgets that display kernel objects.
com.arsdigita.localization.demo Example A demonstration of how to localize the login and registration pages of the ACS without touching the code.
com.arsdigita.logging Extends the Log4j framework to support secure logging.
com.arsdigita.logging.examples Example Contains example code to demonstrate proper usage of the ACS Logging system.
com.arsdigita.lucene This package is now deprecated.
com.arsdigita.mail Mail provides a simple interface to email services.
com.arsdigita.messaging Messaging provides a standard set of abstractions for creating and storing messages.
com.arsdigita.metadata Provides a set of classes to store metadata about data object types and the database schema used to persist data objects.
com.arsdigita.mimetypes Tools for managing and representing mimetypes.
com.arsdigita.mimetypes.converters Classes for converting between specific mimetypes.
com.arsdigita.mimetypes.image Provides a set of tools for manipulating images.
com.arsdigita.notification Notification provides the application-level capabilities needed for outbound email.
com.arsdigita.persistence The classes in this package provide an API for creating and manipulating Data Objects.
com.arsdigita.persistence.metadata Provides a set of classes to store metadata about data object types and the database schema used to persist data objects.
com.arsdigita.persistence.pdl Verifies and loads Persistence Definition Language (PDL) files for use by the persistence metadata system.
com.arsdigita.portal Basic portal infrastructure.
com.arsdigita.runtime The com.arsdigita.runtime package provides classses and interfaces for bootstrapping the CCM runtime environment. Provides a set of APIs for interacting with search engines. Provides APIs to be used by query engine implementors to interact with the Oracle Intermedia search engine. Provides APIs to be used by query engine implementors to interact with the Lucene search engine.  
com.arsdigita.sitenode Deprecated. Use the com.arsdigita.web package instead.
com.arsdigita.templating System for styling and rendering XML documents using XSLT.
com.arsdigita.templating.html This package provides facilities for implementing little HTML-like markup languages that extend HTML.
com.arsdigita.templating.html.demo The demo package provides an example implementation of the ContentHandler interface.
com.arsdigita.templating.jsp JSP tags that integrate with the templating system.
com.arsdigita.toolbox A collection of high-level classes useful for general development.
com.arsdigita.toolbox.rebop "Rebop" is a lightweight collection of AWT-based components suitable for using in applet development.
com.arsdigita.toolbox.ui Miscellaneous collection of useful Bebop components.
com.arsdigita.toolbox.util Utility classes specifically for toolbox.
com.arsdigita.ui Basic user interface components.
com.arsdigita.ui.admin Basic user interface components for the administrative UI.
com.arsdigita.ui.login Internationalized UI classes for user login and registration.
com.arsdigita.ui.permissions Default implementation of the CCM permissions UI.
com.arsdigita.ui.sitemap User interface for dynamically updating URL to application mappings.
com.arsdigita.util Utility classes.
com.arsdigita.util.cmd Deprecated. Use instead.
com.arsdigita.util.servlet Utility classes that enhance the Java Servlet API (see
com.arsdigita.util.url Classes for remote URL caching.
com.arsdigita.versioning Provides for versioning of data objects.
com.arsdigita.web Tools supporting web-application authoring; services include dispatching requests, generating URLs, and setting up a request's context of execution.
com.arsdigita.web.monitoring Tools for remote and automated server monitoring.
com.arsdigita.webdevsupport A web-based user interface for developer support information generated by DeveloperSupport.
com.arsdigita.webdevsupport.log4j Web user interfaces for dynamically adjusting Log4J warning levels.
com.arsdigita.workflow.simple A tool framework for establishing collaboration among all the specialized members of a production staff.
com.arsdigita.xml A set of wrapper classes around the DOM API that emulate the critical-path elements of the JDOM API.
com.arsdigita.xmlinterp Classes that obtain tokens to interpret at part of a simple language framework.
com.redhat.persistence.engine.rdbms Generates optimized SQL queries based on metadata.


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